Podoprint plus

Analysis and communication in a practical and simple way.

Our Podoprint plus pedometer or pressure platform do static, dynamic and posturology studies.
Complete and autonomous systems created for the patient including the whole diagnostic, analysis and communication instruments.

Podoprint plus — Namrol, Fabricación de maquinaria para el sector de la podología, estética y ortopedia.

Higher surface, 160cm length, same features as Podoprint. Its Monoblock structure prevents uneven ground, avoiding possible differences in footprints catchment.

12,288 detectors it analyse 200 frames per second (200 Hz) and indicates the instantaneous pressures with a higher speed.

With the option to attach a video camera the podiatrist will be able to study the dynamic synchronized with the platform catchments.

  • Study on dynamic

    Pressure distribution, support surfaces, weight. Step development animation. Movement Morphology. Graphics Analysis. Impressions Comparisons (with or without computer).

  • Study on static

    Pressure distribution, support, weight, area, mass, etc.. Location of the center of gravity and support. Surface of each foot. Different visualization methods (3D). Printing scale 1/1.

  • Study on dynamic

    Spectrum, layout. Oscillations Study. Wingtip program. Graphic (postural instability, deviations, etc.).

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