Precision and functionality


Unidad completa de toma de huella con accesorios
A different and precise concept in the realization of templates,
Thermoformed directly on the patient’s foot in corrected position.
Plataforma con barras de sujeción


Platform with clamping bars for a better footprint, high strength chassis for weights up to 180 Kg.
Unidad de control para toma de huella


Control Panel with independent controls for each pad and speed and vacuum control. Incorporates a silent vacuum pump without maintenance. Optional Pedal.
Cojín de silicona para toma de huella


Cushion made of high-elastic silicone filled with microspheres, which provides a fingerprint in the corrected position more defined and allows to create areas of Desvcarga directly on the footprint more easily.


With a different concept and system of work, it combierte in the ideal companion in clinic that opens new options and alternatives in the preparation of plantar supports.
Podóloga tomando huella de paciente