All for making orthotics and insoles.

Thermoforming units and vacuums for making insoles.

They represent the evolution and maturity of successful products, constantly updated, with a high reliability and quality degree.

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    Workshop grinders

    The new generation is the result of over 15 years experience in the manufacture of polishers and vacuum systems. See the difference! The salient feature of Namrol polishers is the use of brushless motors. They are the guarantee for a longer duration and clearly significantly better profitability. There are 3 models with different structures and configurations.

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    The best solutions for the heating, thermo-welding and adaptation of orthotics. Namrol vacuums represent the evolution of successful units, with a high concept of reliability and quality.

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    Tecnoprint is a gait capture platform featuring two high resistance silicone cushions which allows for the podiatrist to mould orthoses directly positioned to the patient.