General conditions

The commercial relationship between NAMROL and the client is regulated exclusively by the following conditions of sale which supersede and exclude all other previous agreements. For any claim, dispute, controversy arising in connection with the current price list, which cannot be satisfactorily settled by correspondence, we will refer to the Barcelona tribunal.

NAMROL, except in cases of intentional or gross negligence, shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from late or
non-delivery of the product, for the mismatch of the goods to the specifications published in the catalog or website, or for other reasons not relating to NAMROL.

This catalog contains information about some general characteristics indicative of the products shown. This information does not in any way constitute a description of specific characteristics from the manufacturer and/or seller. We, therefore, invite the customer to always consult the company’s network at which the product is purchased in order to obtain complete information on the specifics.
Some illustrations and descriptions sometimes refer to particular equipment, available only for an extra charge. Some equipment and
accessories may be introduced later.

Prices are Net on Ex-works basis and expressed in Euro currency. This price list can be modified at any time. This price list replaces and cancels any previous one.

The order has to be sent by e-mail to Namrol will confirm the order by sending an order confirmation. Special requests and special colors are subjected to extra charges. The minimum amount to invoice is Euro 200,00.

NAMROL is not responsible for shipments affected on ex-works basis. In case of any damage related to the shipments on ex-works basis,
NAMROL will guarantee the repair at the customer’s expense.

The delivery time stated on the document is intended as an estimation and not as a commitment of Namrol. In case of any delay, this will
never represent a breach of contracts or obligation of any reimbursement. Any terms for mandatory delivery have to be clearly agreed in writing by the parties.

The method of payment is in advance. The prices and methods of payment are those shown in the offers issued by Namrol.
Default or overdue payment of the amount by the due date agreed upon in the order will entitle Namrol to claim overdue interest according to the d. lgs. 231/02 and 192/12, starting from the expiry of the due date agreed upon.
Defaulting of even one payment installment shall result in the Buyer’s forfeiture of the installment benefit in which case he will be held
to payment of the full price both for orders already fulfilled or in the process of being fulfilled. Furthermore, Namrol may suspend any
possible orders in progress relative to one or more orders already confirmed by Namrol, in the event of an overdue payment resulting in
a lack of trust regarding fulfillment by the Buyer, Namrol reserves the right to terminate the sales contract. Likewise, in the event of default in payment on the part of the Buyer, Namrol also reserves the discretional right to change the terms of payment already agreed upon
and accepted by the parties regarding one or more orders already confirmed by Namrol.
In any case, the goods will remain at the Namrol’s property until fully paid, including all secondary claims by the Buyer.

NAMROL reserves the right not to accept any return of material if not previously authorized. Any return authorization has to be required within 8 days of the receipt of goods. Any material returned without authorization will be rejected at the customer’s expense. Material to return has to be packed into its original packing. The shipping document has to be filled in correctly with the indication of the purchasing details and Return material Authorization number. NAMROL reserves the right to accept or not the return of material. Warranty will be recognized only upon the receipt of the relevant warranty certificate duly filled in.

Goods to be repaired or replaced by our Authorized Technical center need to be previously authorized with the release of an RmA according to the terms indicated in the RmA itself. The material has to be sent indicating on the shipping document the cause “Return for repair” and the RmA number. All repairs will be returned by cash on delivery.

Warranty will be recognized only upon the receipt of the relevant warranty certificate duly filled in within 60 days from the purchasing date. Apart from cases of exclusion of all liability, Namrol warrants that it will assume responsibility for any severe structural faults and/or defects in the products sold and will undertake to replace the same at no additional cost or to reimburse the price paid subject to the return of the goods. No compensation will be offered by Namrol for any possible direct damage to either the Buyer’s systems or the end product.