Quality and Environmental Policy

Namrol designs and manufacture healthcare equipment according to a set of values which are part of our company culture. Namrol’s Quality and Environment policy provides five axes which are our commitment to customers, employees, management, environement and society.

Namrol and PEOPLE

Our origin and growth is linked to Namrol People which are the most important asset of the company. We are a community with a culture and values reflected in what we do and how we do it: training, participation, effort, trust, collaboration and creativity. We give special attention to people whose motivation, confidence, training and professional development has brought a significant value to the company. Facilities have been designed to promote our values in a relaxed environment encouraging teamwork.

COMMITMENT to service and quality

Our business relationships are based on trust, transparency and efficiency. The voice of the customer is always listened by Namrol and that is for us more than a priority which aims to get a full satisfaction with our products and services. We pledge to continuously improve our products quality. All our processes as well as our products are evaluated by independent agencies to carry out with this policy.


We believe that social responsibility of a company is more than just a statement of intent:

  • We set aims to ensure the quality of our operations, the environment protection and our social commitment. Such aims add value to what we do, how we do it and for whom we do it: our customers and mankind.
  • We support voluntary initiatives that take into account the quality variables, environment and social commitment.
  • Our commitment includes also our partner companies, subcontractors ans suppliers. We demand to help us to comply with the environmental regulations and quality requirements.
  • Our commitment is for everybody: We show it written and we announce it


Our products are the result of a careful process of Research and Development (R&D) linked to creativity, functionality, ergonomics, integration, flexibility and sustainable development of our products along with the collaboration with prestigious Agencies and Institutions.


The development of functional products is a priority for our company without coming into conflict with the environment which is for us the most important point, to help to carry out with such task:

  • Wood materials and its derivatives, are bought according to demanding control measures that guarantee a responsible purchase. In that sense, we avoid the purchase of illicit wood or that one which does not respect the traditional or civil rights, wood coming from endangered forests or that are being forest plantations, wood coming from trees with genetic alterations.
  • An efficient use of all resources: wáter, energy, renewable raw materials. We are self-sufficient in water consumption which will be used for irrigation and we also produce more electricity than we consume.
  • The creation of eco-designed products at all stages: conception, design, materials, production, use, durability and recycling avoiding then environmental impacts.
  • The adoption of clean technologies in our production processes and our collaborators.