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Workshop grinders

All for making orthotics

The new generation is the result of over 15 years experience in the manufacture of polishers and vacuum systems. See the difference! The salient feature of Namrol polishers is the use of brushless motors. They are the guarantee for a longer duration and clearly significantly better profitability. There are 3 models with different structures and configurations.


    A new standard in polishing system. Nowadays, efficiency and quality are critical factors for success in any O&P lab or workshop. Ortotec sets completely new standards in the art of polishing with its broad and useful working space. With a bidirectional dust extraction side selection and a perfect protection against fine dust.

    Polishing Motor: 1 c.v.
    Aspiración: 1.500 m3/h


    The desktop concept with suction integrated system and quick change bag filtering is the best example of the innovative capacity of Pulilab.

    Polishing Motor: 3/4 c.v.
    Aspiration: 950 m3/h.


    Desktop Polisher with polishing motor and external input for optional vacuum. Its desktop configuration optimizes space.

    Polishing Motor: 3/4 c.v.

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