Technological innovation, ergonomic and functional flexibility design.

Namrol offers a full range of processing units with hanging tube or arm instruments, besides handed models, satellite and arm versions.

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    Duna adds a new dimension to both the clinic and the work. It defies convention and it works at full capacity, something that seemed to be unreachable in a podiatry team.

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    Maxima encloses in itself the best ergonomic solutions to ensure high performance to the podiatrist, optimum functionality and status to your clinic.

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    Futura plus

    Designed and manufactured with the most innovative design. The performance characteristics, the easy use and seamless integration of instruments with digital electronic SMT system make it an excellent work unit.

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    Swing is just different, with a distinctive and attractive design which makes it stand out from the rest. Designed to optimize the operating spaces and to adapt to different working ways.

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    Always in the right place. The concept of the arm mounted on the chair in combination with the adjustable instrument console is the best solution for those cabinets that do not have much room to work.

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    Stylo is a computer with an ergonomic concept on the arrangement of the instruments on the new console attached to the front of the unit. The digital keyboard and the easy access to the instruments help the podiatrist in his daily work.

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    Elija entre las múltiples opciones de equipamiento adicional que mejor se adapten a su trabajo.