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Innovative instruments

The seamless integration of instruments with the Namrol electronic system of SMT ensures total control and reliability in use. Power controlled, optimal speed setting and proven reliability, that is what Namrol instruments choosing offers you.

  • GT40 Micromotor

    The GT40 electric micromotors offer high performance. One of the most effective and lightweight micromotor in podiatry. Working without vibrations up to 40,000 rpm., With high torque at low revs.

  • Micromotor MC2IR

    Electric micromotor with internal spray, reliable and durable. Most notable benefits thanks to a rotational speed of 40,000 rpm.

  • PM50 Handpiece

    PM50 handpiece is specially designed for podiatry use. The sophisticated ceramic bearings technology increases the life and functioning. No vibrations and very quiet.

  • PM60 Handpiece

    Straight handpiece with internal spray designed to withstand large tensions in lateral repeated supports and to maintain unparalleled precision. No vibrations and very quiet.

  • MCX Micromotor

    Maintenance-free induction Micromotor with high torque at low and high revs between 1000 and 40000 rpm. Thanks to its reduced size by 30% it fits perfectly in your hand and ensures optimum balance and a perfect weight distribution

  • Aspiration cannula

    Made of hard chrome it adds lightness and strength. Providing a clean and dust free work.

  • Boralina Turbine

    An unbeatable quality / price relationship. Designed to offer a 310,000 rpm power. and a remarkable robustness. The drill changes are very simple thanks to the button integrated in the head.

  • Spraytec 3F Syringe

    Three functions stainless steel syringe. Easy use thanks to the buttons system that activates air and water separated functions.


Namrol Multimedia accessories, open a new vision that meets all expectations in terms of modern communication for your clinic.

  • The display choice of professionals

    A brilliant display that delivers advanced design, durability and versatile performance for progressive profesional environments. Mounted on double-jointed arm, ideal for displaying any treatment or medical history.

  • Podicam

    Integrated video camera with Live View function. Can be installed on the instrument console or the monitor. The LED provides light by using thin, flexible USB cord.

  • Integrated keyboard

    Equipped with USB connection allows access to all functions of the software. It is tough and is hidden in the unit, leaving a working desktop free.


Namrol lighting, not only has excellent technical features, if not optimal solutions because of light that can be seen with only light them.


    Ergonomic and professional high quality magnifying lamp. 3 Diopter 7500 lux

  • LUX

    Lux is suitable for trolley and unit mounting. Lux is designed especially for demanding viewing conditions that require exceptionally good light such as medical examination and minor procedures. 22000 lux

  • LUNA

    An operating light very easy to handle, stable and unique for its armonious lines and pleasant colours A perfect light pattern and cold white light


    Colour temperature regulation. Light intensity : 8.000-35.000 lex. Scialitic effect. Low consume and high lifetime. Absence of UV rays. Ergonomics and design


Aerobox and Quiroair designed for suction and external air supply for Epsylon and Swing. Units like structure with components mounted furniture inside and plug & play system installation.


    Convince yourself a more powerful suction while quieter. For its small size, is ideal for new facilities or upgrade existing facilities. The use of a brushless motor, cancels the mechanical friction and engine operation provides a longer live.


    The new Namrol silent compressor (patent U9701105) produces quality compressed air, suited to meet the high demands of the foot clinic.

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