The peak in podiatry equipment

Duna adds a new dimension to both the clinic and the work. It defies convention and it works at full capacity, something that seemed to be unreachable in a podiatry team.

Duna — Namrol, Fabricación de maquinaria para el sector de la podología, estética y ortopedia.
  • Handheld instrument console
    Handheld instrument console

    Handheld instrument console, up to four instruments, it allows quick and safe access to all instruments. Greater flexibility in the treatment thanks to optimized operational movements.

  • Module drawers
    Module drawers
    Attention to detail

    Innovative design on front integrated handles. The constant research for functional and ergonomic solutions ensures maximum comfort working. Track system with offset zipper. Doors, drawers and front structure designed to ensure a high level of acoustic comfort. It presents an innovative approach in choosing solutions and spatial organization.

  • Personalization
    Vivacious and attractive unit

    The colours and forms create a special environment where your patients and you will feel comfortable. Our designs show your patients modernity and progress, a key factor in achieving patients trust and loyalty.

  • Duna Touchscreen
    Duna Touchscreen

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