Excellent ergonomics in its most attractive.

Our podiatry patient chairs of new generation represent the result of a current design, a studied attention to functionality and special care in essential ergonomics.

We also have podiatrists ergonomic stools as well as the most diverse podiatry chairs accessories: heads, wireless pedals, waste collection trays, extraction kits and supports for lamps.

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    Sigma encloses in itself the best ergonomic and mobility solutions to ensure the patient and podiatrist high performance. Optimum functionality along with a robust dynamic and an innovative look.

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    It is the answer to ergonomic and technological research for podiatry chairs. Omega meets all the patient and podiatrist needs on a current, comfortable and safe chair.

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    Delta summarizes the Omega design basis and the performance of a reliable and safe seat.

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    Good performance with a good cost-effective, fail-safe and long life. These are the Beta chair concepts.

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    Robust dynamic, refined and shocking work aspect. With these keys Penta redefines the essence of 1 engine chairs.

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    Choose from the options of additional accessories and colors that best suit your work environment and clinic decoration.