Devine Podiatry Clinic

How to decorate your clinic in a natural way but at the same time using the latest technology?

   Customer: Devine Podiatry Clinic

   Location: Albir, Alicante

   Year: 2020

  Products: Omega Chair, Cosmos stool, Futura Plus Treatment unit with Alya + Theiatech Led, Podoprint, Podoscopio, Pulicab, Vinno E10

Blue and green are the most evocative colors of nature. They are the sky and the sea, the rivers and the oceans, the plants, the mountains, and the forests. The combination of these two colors pleases us as well as transmits well-being, a feeling of calm and peace.

Neutral tones such as white, gray, beige, and light wood tones, and the three faces to the outside, make the clinic receive an explosion of light that fills the living spaces.

Congratulations on this spectacular project that we are so in love with and thank you very much for trusting us to equip the clinic.

“The concept of the clinic, without a doubt, is taking another dimension. Working like this becomes a pleasure”