Functionality at work

Performance and reliability

With a working system without aspiration but with the same characteristics and high performance than the models with aspiration. It allows you to work in a dust and noise free environment.

Just different

Pulicab is just different, with an unmistakable and attractive design that makes it stand out from the rest.

Designed for optimizing spaces and adapting to different grinding modes.

Silent (less than 64 dB).

A new standard in grinding systems

The new generation is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of grinders. Feel the difference!

Panoramic view

Pulicab incorporates a protection system in curved glass.

This next to the LED lighting system provides a panoramic view of the Work field.

Performance and reliability

The wide working area allows to grind the orthotic in a single pass without changing its position.

Easy access

Frontal access door. Allows convenient access to the removable dust collection tray.

Brush system

The frontal system with upper and lower brushes allows a better movement during the polishing phase and a better entry and exit of the hands to the work area.

High performance

A 3/4-hp motor guarantees an agile work in the grinding and finishing of the foot orthotic.