Best price, best quality

Guaranteed duration and reliability

Good performance with good cost-efficiency ratio, safety Against failures and a long lifespan. These are the concepts of the Penta chair

Make your patients feel comfortable

Perfect combination of shape and function. Its ergonomic design conforms to the shape of the patient’s body and provides a firm and comfortable support. The seam-free upholstery provides a pleasant feel to the touch and can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

High performance and control

Low-noise durable and powerful actuators, with high speed/ high performance and mechanical endstop for first failure safety. This makes it the right choice for the future.

Premium padding

The padding with indeformable polyurethane foam, convinces not only for its high level of comfort, but also for its durability and good appearance over time.

Folding armrest

Upholstered with synchronized descent to the movement of the backrest, folding independently.

Foot Control

The control pedal has direct action buttons and automatic home position.

Upholstery colors

Our senses enable us to appreciate quality and aesthetics. Our eyes register every nuanced colour hue. Our hands explore surfaces and textures. It is this uncompromising perfection which turns Namrol upholstery into an experience for all the senses.

Chrome cod. 1205

Sky Blue cod. 1609

Agave cod. 1273

Lilac cod. 1356

Cobalt Blue cod. 1182

Cyclamen cod. 1381