Gloria Aulinas Podiatry Center

"Natural Light"

Gloria Aulinas Podiatry Center
Olot, Girona
Delta Plus, Stylo Color—Lime (Ref. 1543)

Magnificent work of reform of a local for this podiatry center in the town of Olot. Light and nature are integrated in it thanks to the magnificent work of the architecture studio Dezain Architecs.

The bamboo forest in the alley next door has served to provide privileged natural light and at the same time give privacy to all the spaces.

By opting for natural and sustainable elements, a vitality is acquired that combines with the purity of the white, the strength of the brown tones of the eucalyptus wood for the furniture and the imitation wood stoneware for the floor.

The glass has had much prominence thanks to the meticulous work of the glassmaker Jordi Traveria. He has played with volumes and textures of footprints.

The only thing left to do was to give the final touch to the office furniture with our exclusive lime green on the chair, stool and details of the Stylo treatment unit.

With all this, a harmonious, ecological and healthy complex has been achieved, where the concept of a medical center takes on another dimension.

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